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  The cosmic curtains were opened for the Astrological Planner 2024, so that we can navigate with the stars! It will be a journey in direct connection with the planets to guide your actions and intentions, leading your life throughout the year.

  Crafted with great care, you’ll find the basis of astrology – houses, planets and signs – harmonizing with the daily ephemeris, which are the aspects that weave the mantle of each day. Each week, a glimpse of the sky will illuminate your journey, while each month, personalized messages will spark many reflections. And to close the monthly cycle, I propose a closing ritual to mark your evolution.

  This is not just a planner, but a portal to the interweaving of an inner and outer universe that are in constant movement. It’s like bringing the zodiac into your daily routine, letting the planets and constellations become your guides. Astrological wisdom not only inhabits the night sky, but can help us shape our daily experiences.

  In this astrological guide, you’ll find a set of specific resources to immerse yourself in the study of astrology. Each of its 504 pages is designed to lead to intimate renewal, and all the knowledge transmitted is responsible for inviting dormant potentials such as intuition, soul purpose and personal power to be awakened.

You will find ways to:

Resignify your relationship with everyday life through what the stars have to say;

Boost your productivity according to the aspects of the day;

Define your weekly mission with the reflections of the week’s sky, which invites us to act with more wisdom and discernment;

Look at your experiences with a new eye and open yourself up to new opportunities with the monthly closing;

Define your mission here on Earth in order to make choices with more awareness and purpose.

You'll love the Astrological Planner because it's much more than just a simple to-do calendar

You’ll find a lot more in it!

  • Astrological introduction
    Explanation of the basics of astrology: houses, planets and signs.
    Brief introduction to daily ephemeris and astrological aspects.

  • Daily Ephemeris
    Planetary aspects of the day.
    Positions of the planets in relation to the signs of the zodiac.
    Moon phases.

  • Daily Pages
    Space for daily planning, appointments and notes. Reflect, draw or record your personal insights.
    Inspirational messages for each day, according to the planetary influences, and tips on how to tune in to the celestial aspects.

  • Weekly view of the sky
    Astrological highlights for each week. Main transits and planetary aspects. All of this brought to you in an in-depth text with the energy of the sky for the week in question.

  • Monthly messages
    Specific inspirational messages for each person, bringing the energy for their month, chosen from three options.

  • Monthly closing ritual
    A section dedicated to celebrating achievements, reviewing learnings and expressing gratitude.
    A space for reflecting on the month that has just ended.

An invitation to live in tune with the stars!

🌟 This isn’t just a planner; it’s an astrological guide to improving your life. Knowing the houses, planets and signs can enhance the quality of your experiences. To act according to the energy of the daily ephemeris is to understand that the sky guides and influences us far beyond what we imagine.

📖 Each daily page is an invitation to co-create with the Universe. Map out your days, interweaving your journey with cosmic movements. Practicing astrology in your daily life means connecting with yourself in a deeper and more integrated way.

🌙 To understand how the sky aligns itself on a weekly basis is to attune your own steps to the universal rhythm, after all, we are part of a greater whole.

🌠 Celebrate your progress! At the end of each month, celebrate your achievements, honor your growth and prepare for the new horizons that lie ahead of you.

For whom was this planner created?

  Whether you’re passionate about astrology, a curious enthusiast or just a student seeking alignment with the stars and want to integrate this ancient wisdom into your daily life: this planner is for you!

A few technical details

Maria with the Portuguese version of the planner…


About the author

  Maria Amélia is a “star walker”, just like all of us who are living an experience here on Earth. Her role is to help with the spiritual awakening to a New Age through tools such as astrology, bringing inspiration from the heart.

  She considers herself a “translator of the stars”, not only in the astrological sense of the term, but also through direct contact with consciousnesses that inhabit other places in the Cosmos. Her messages are always a balm for those seeking to go beyond the often meaningless routine in which we find ourselves.

  Her motto: “Awakening always happens from the individual to the collective level, and our role is to raise our own consciousness until all beings have awakened.”

Finally, you may be wondering...

1. Why would I need a (physical) paper planner when I can use a digital one?
In the digital world we live in, it's actually much easier to use your cell phone or computer to plan. However, we have already noticed how the excess of stimuli has made us increasingly anxious and scattered, and having a physical planner makes it possible to plan more consciously, analogically and in line with our natural rhythm.
In addition, it offers moments of pause in the routine to reflect when reading the weekly texts or the daily reminders from the sky, and also stimulates reflections when answering the daily questions.
It's worth it simply because it's not just any planner, but a portal for connecting with your essence, when you allow yourself to pause and reflect on the next steps, with the help of the stars.
2. Would this planner be a good gift for someone?
Yes, the planner is a lovely gift for anyone who wants to explore the magic of astrology, self-discovery and organization. During the purchase process, you can select the gift option and even personalize your message.